Listhub Signup

Go to as your agency account, this login must be done by the broker of record into the brokerage level Listhub account for this to work, and the affiliate code you need is SEMO.

Once you are logged in

  1. Click the user account in the top right corner and it should drop down to SETTINGS.
  2. From the SETTINGS dropdown choose the link called AFFILIATE CODES.
  3. In the affiliate code enter SEMO then press submit.
  4. Once the affiliate code is entered, click on the PUBLISHERS TAB across the top then PUBLISHER CHOICES in the middle tab.
  5. Enter SEMO in the search box or scroll down to see if it is there, then PLACE A CHECK MARK to the left of SEMO and click the ADD SELECTED button above it.

That should be all you need to do. This lets us get your for sale data into a test feed for us to play with for a couple of weeks. THANKS SO MUCH!

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